2022-2023 Rehearsal Schedule

22-23 Rehearsal Schedule

YOGC Student Handbook

YOGC Handbook


Welcome and congratulations on being accepted into the Youth Orchestra of Greater Columbus’ Youth Orchestra or String Orchestra! We are happy to be a part of your musical education. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have and feel free to offer any suggestions. The YOGC wants to offer a progressive, comprehensive program that will allow students to develop sight-reading, technical, and musical skills while playing selections from standard orchestral repertoire. Rehearsals focus on technique, intonation, rhythm, ensemble playing, listening skills and sound quality.

YOGC Participation Requirements
A commitment to the season includes all activities scheduled for the orchestra. It is understood that no one will be accepted for membership in the orchestra until the following requirements have been met. (this needs to happen at the Mandatory Parent Meeting or no later than the second rehearsal).

  • All fees have been paid in full. If for any reason the member does not complete the orchestra season, fees will not be refunded.

* Please note: Once the Director has received and accepted the forms and membership fees, the member agrees that failure to comply with the ruled and regulations may result in the student being dropped or suspended from the organization.

Bad Weather Policy
YOGC will follow the weather advisory of CSU. In the event of tornado or severe thunderstorm warnings, rehearsals will be cancelled. If this happens, the YOGC website and voicemail message will be updated. In the event of bad weather, parents are encouraged to use their own discretion about traveling. Students will be excused for severe weather.

Seating Philosophy
The YOGC provides a training ground for young musicians to work together in a positive, stimulating and non-threatening atmosphere. Chair placement is determined by audition prior to the season. As such, the Music Director reserves the right to rotate some positions from time to time in order to best serve all members of the orchestra. Any questions concerning seating should be addressed directly to the Music Director.

Rehearsals and Sectionals
Rehearsals for the String Orchestra are held on Monday evenings from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. The Youth Orchestra rehearses from 7:30 – 9:30 p.m. Weekly rehearsals are held from late August through April.

Regular and prompt attendance at rehearsals is required. Each student must sign the attendance sheet on arrival at each rehearsal. Attendance is expected at all concerts and rehearsals. More than two absences per semester (winter/spring) will result in dismissal from the organization without refund of fees. This rule will be strictly enforced. Please notify the executive director as soon as possible when you will need to be absent. All notices must be made prior to rehearsal time. A message can be left on the YOGC office phone if no one is available in the office. Absence at dress rehearsal may mean exclusion from the concert, at the Music Director’s discretion. Frequent and unexcused tardiness is not acceptable and can result in dismissal from the orchestra.

Rehearsal Etiquette
Rehearsals are conducted in a professional manner. Musicians are expected to arrive ten (10) minutes early to set up, tune and warm up. Each member must bring his or her instrument, music folder, music and pencil. Bringing your own music folder is extremely important, even if you are sharing a stand. A folder of music will be provided for your use and must be returned after each semester. There may be a fee to provide additional copies of music.

It is vital that every member of the orchestra is paying attention, even if your selection is not rehearsing. Part of the task of playing in an orchestra is learning how other parts fit in with yours. Please turn off beepers, phones, etc. Gum chewing, talking and disruptive behavior during rehearsal will not be permitted. Everyone who plays with YOGC should always show respect and consideration for the conductor, coaches, parents, staff and all other orchestra members.

Musical Responsibility
Students must learn music at home so that rehearsal time may be spent on musical concepts. Parents are asked to help students design an effective, regular practice schedule. Students are also strongly encouraged to participate in their school orchestra and/or band but they are not absolutely required to do so. Also, please try to include private music instruction as part of their regular curriculum. In addition, students are required to practice, on their own any parts of their music or techniques as instructed by their section coach. Players who appear to be inadequately prepared on a regular basis may be reseated or dismissed from the orchestra.

Concert Dress
In an attempt to keep a uniform look throughout the orchestra, the following dress code should be adhered to. “All black attire is preferred.”

  • Ladies: Black skirt or dress (below the knees) or black slacks, black shoes and black hose or socks. Black or white long sleeve shirt or blouse. No large or flashy jewelry.
  • Gentlemen: Black suit or tuxedo or black pants with long sleeved black or white shirt, black socks and shoes. No large or flashy jewelry.

Community Musical Performances
YOGC members are encouraged to attend as many musical performances as possible within the community. We are very fortunate to live in an area with many diverse, high-quality musical performances to offer, notably through the Schwob School of Music at Columbus State University and the Columbus Symphony Orchestra.