YOGC Holiday Concert. Dec. 5th, 4:30p, outside Columbus Convention and Trade Center.

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We are so excited to partner with the Convention and Trade Center as well as the Schwob School of Music for our Fall 2020 rehearsals! Please check out the following information as we enter our 27th season of making music together!

Fall 2020 Orchestra Rehearsal Schedule*

Fall 2020 Percussion Rehearsal Schedule

Fall 2020 Orchestra Group Assignments

*Due to Trade Center policy, no outside food or drink other than reusable water bottles are allowed in the building.

Shopping for masks and bell covers?

All students are required to wear masks at all times while in the Trade Center or Schwob School of Music. Additionally, woodwinds (except for flute) and brass are required to have bell covers for their instruments. If you would like a couple of suggestions of where to start, feel free to check out this Price Comparison for Bell Covers and Face Masks. Flutists, you will be looking for something like this.

YOGC has no formal or informal partnership with any of these companies. YOGC musicians are allowed to search elsewhere for comparable items or use ones given to them at school or another organization.

Need some music in your life?

We are working hard to continue to serve our community and have created a compilation of FREE music and music education resources available right now, which you can access here.

Pay your 2020-2021 Season Tuition

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